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We are a music publisher and a record company.
We are not a job exchange or an agency for artists.

A record company
  • is a commercial enterprise, which must think and act economically and success-oriented.

  • works strategically with artists to achieve the best possible success.

  • invests time, money and know how in artists, so that appropriate contracts must be concluded and signed, which show, guarantee and secure obligations and rights for both parties to the contract.
Music is a Passion. To earn money it's a Business!
So it is not only about music in the commercial music business. But it is the basis for your success and your income as a musician.

So if you apply to a record company like ours, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages are that you get a great team with a lot of experience and the chance to make it to the top.

Disadvantage will be that you have to focus 100% on this career and there is a clear plan how to make it work. There will be privations on your side because you will not be able to live your life as usual. A music career means 24/7 work, diligence, reliability, punctuality, honesty and a lot of team spirit.
First the hard work. Then the airs and graces!
If you think that you are already a superstar or your hubris has already gone too far ahead, then you should not contact us. Because then you are not ready to go the way we have to go. The road to success!

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